Zenith Online Claim Reporting
Steps to Submit a Claim Online
  1. Collect your policy number, detailed description of the accident (description, date, time), injured employee's information (name, address, SSN, date of hire, occupation, wages, date of birth), and medical treatment information (name, address, phone number of treating doctor or hospital if the employee received medical treatment prior to reporting the injury).

  2. Enter email address in the field below. Zenith may use your email address to contact you regarding this claim. Once you enter your email address, you will have 4 hours to complete the entire submission process. For security reasons, the open form will time out after 4 hours.

  3. Select "Go to claim form" to continue and fill out the claim form completely. You may only work on one claim form at a time. If you open a second claim form before you have submitted your first claim form, the information will not submit correctly.

  4. BEFORE YOU SUBMIT THE FORM, click on the "Print Claim Form" button, located at the bottom of the form, and print a copy for your records.

  5. Click on the "Submit Claim to Zenith" button ONCE. It may take 15-30 seconds for the form to be completely transmitted.

  6. After the transmission is complete, a message box will appear notifying you that the form has been received. Claims are received immediately and typically processed the same business day. If you receive an error message, please report it immediately to Zenith's First Call team at 1-800-440-5020, or Firstcallnewclaim@thezenith.com